Weekend Times-Final

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Look for your name on the chart
If you do not see your name, then either A) You did not fill out My Preferences
which means I did not know you wanted to play OR
B) our volunteers failed to get enough times to donate to the group for our use AND
I had to make some priority decisions to fill with those who got the times for the group

If you see your name
1) If you like your time/group, tick the check box in column 7 AND Click the green button to confirm your time
2) If you don’t like your time and group, tick the check box in column 7 AND Click the red button to cancel your time

If you want to move to an open spot
1) First ensure you have cancelled any time you had for that day
2) Tick the check box in column 7 AND click the green button named Put Me Here

The screen will refresh with your updated results OR you will receive an error message if you did something wrong