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We're happy to report that our course will be opening this Friday - April 21/17. Linkline opens tomorrow at 7am to start taking bookings and a webcard will be coming out later today to announce this to our Membership & ClubLink Membership.
Please note that our Bistro will be very limited for this opening and will not be available for dinner service. We should be running a normal bistro by Wednesday of next week. The halfway will run out of the bistro as well. Our range and locker-steward service will be running as normal. Power carts will most likely be cart path only due to how wet it is and due to the forecast this week.
Opening tee-time on Friday will be 8:25. Opening tee-time for the weekend will be 7:56.
The Annual Member Meeting & Open House are still a go for this Saturday beginning @ 2:30pm.

Due to the short amount of time to conduct any organization for the coming Opening Weekend - I will not be organizing tee groups this coming weekend.

Please get up early tomorrow and book your time should you wish to play this weekend.

I have received notes from a few volunteers (6) to help out with the weekend tee group bookings. Should I not receive an additional (10) volunteers then I will not be able to organize tee groups for April 29, 30. Please let me know or use the Contact Us form, if your willing to help out the group before this Friday. I will announce to this group whether or not the group is on their own for Apr 29, 30, for this coming Friday Apr 21st.

Best wishes,
Tom Flanagan


We are fast approaching the golf season. There is just something about The Masters and warmer weather that gets the golfing juices flowing again. We spoke with Jamie Al Jbouri on Apr 12 and a definitive opening date remains outstanding. There may be an announcement for next week or the last week of April. The weather in Uxbridge is just different.

We have updated our Event Calendar - click on the date and there will be a description or PDF that you can open for more detail

There are a number of things that your Captains Committee need to bring you up to speed on.
Planning for the 10th Anniversary Celebration is well underway. The significant change is that the date for the event has been changed to Saturday June 17th. A teaser was sent out to members last week. The event is open to Members and Social Members along with their invited guest. The golf challenge will be a 4:00 Shotgun followed by a 7:00 p.m. reception and meal and entertainment. Further information will be forthcoming. It is shaping up to be a great event.

We have also changed the date for the Spring Challenge to May 13th. The May, June schedule is now very busy. Please review the Mixed Event and the Men’s Event schedule to update your personal calendar.

We are also bringing to your attention that the Men’s Night preceding the Club Championship weekend has now been changed to Thursday July 20 from our previous practice. To be direct, we only found out this week that ClubLink scheduled a corporate event on the Wednesday July 19th. This may adversely affect the Championship and “A” Flight participants in the Club Championship due to their Friday start in the event. We have voiced our extreme disappointment. You may also do the same with Jamie Al Jbouri.

Now here is where things get fun.
Once again this year we’ll be helping everyone with getting into tee groups. The whole process starts with getting at least 16 members to book tee times Saturdays, Sundays and for holiday Monday’s. If your willing to make the commitment and wish to volunteer in getting tee times please confirm with me and I’ll ensure your prepared for your volunteer work.

I am going to continue last year’s process of arranging foursomes for Saturday, Sunday and Holiday prime-time morning groups with some minor tweaks described below;
- Once we know when the club is opening we’ll begin the process.
- The first draft of the proposed foursomes and the times, will now be published on www.wyndancegolf.ca under the Weekend Times Chart, likely by every Tuesday evening in advance of the following weekend (e.g. April 25th for the April 29-30) – if you have not signed up for access to this site, please do so ASAP as Lee Meredith (lee.meredith@rogers.com) has put in some substantial time to help automate this process.
- The website www.wyndancegolf.ca should significantly enhance the realtime update of groups and times as well as reduce the email exchanges in confirming and adjusting spots within tee groups.
- Confirming your proposed tee time – click on the button to accept it
- Cancelling your proposed tee time for whatever reason – click on the button
- Moving to an Open Tee Time – click on the button after cancelling your time
- Everyone seeing who is playing with who, and at what time

- On Thursday mornings – 9:00 a.m., I will be sending the tee groups to the golf shop. so that these times are locked into LinkLine. You must go through the Golf Shop or Linkline to affect changes after 9:00 a.m. Thursdays. Changes made on www.wyndancegolf.ca after 9:00 a.m. Thursdays are ignored.
- There is a FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) and some dummy times for April 22-24 on the site to assist you with further review.
- Should your playing plans change for the following weekend, Please let me know each week prior to Tuesday evenings posting. I am familiar with many people’s playing preferences. If you are looking for something specific, please let me know as early as possible by email. Guest requests require an email to me.

Tom Flanagan